Pack Size: 3KG

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Non PDCB Blocks


Fresh Fragrance

Fights Uric Acid

Completely dissolves – will not block drains and channels

Our Urinal Channel Blocks have been developed to maintain Urinal systems in good working order to reduces uric scale, odours & blockages. Completely water soluble, our blocks DO NOT dissolve leaving chunks to settle in pipes & drain which can block the system. They slowly dissolve completely to release water softeners & surfactants that actively reduce uric acid build-up & clean pipes.

Directions: Place every 50cm (18″) in urinal run or 2 in each individual urinal to side of any direct water injection to prevent too rapid a dissolution of the block. Repeat as needed.

Urinal Blocks – 3 Kg Bucket with approx 145 blocks per bucket

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